Sewer Lines Repaired and Replaced

Sewer drains normally accumulate sludge over time and clog. Since the sewer lines are underground and hidden by earth and concrete, it is not easy to reach the drainage lines. Advancements in technology have introduced newer and less cumbersome methods to repair and replace sewer lines as well as easiler ways to locate drain line and leaks. Mammoth plumbing, with its complete guarantee on quality can get your sewer lines repaired and replaced in no time.

Reasons for Sewer Line Repair in Houston

Mammoth Plumbing can do more than just cleaning your sewer lines. Mammoth offers complete sewer line services including repair, replacement, and new installation. With more than 25 years of experience, our plumbers have seen and fixed every type of sewer issue. The main causes of sewer line repair are:

  1. Broken, Offset, Collapsed, or Cracked pipes – damaged caused by foundation settling, shifting soil, frozen ground conditions, etc.
  2. Corrosion – pipe material has deteriorated and/or broken leading to collapse and flow restrictions
  3. Root Infestation – the clogging of a pipe due to tree or shrub roots breaking, collapsing, and growing within the pipe
  4. Blockage – buildup of grease or foreign object(s) that prohibit or restrict flow within pipe and prevent proper cleaning of the line
  5. Bellied Pipe – section of pipe that has sunk because of shifting soils or improper compaction underneath the pipe creating a valley that collects debris, paper, and waste
  6. Improper Material – existing or old pipes made from outdated inferior materials which have deteriorated or corroded
  7. Leaking Joints – seals between pipes have failed or broken, which allows water to escape

Latest Equipment and Repair Methods for Sewer Lines

Mammoth Plumbing techs have been fully trained with the latest equipment, technology, and methods with which to repair, restore, replace or install any sewer line plumbing issue. The proper method and equipment will be determined by the conditions of the repair or installation site and customer preference. The four main types are:

  • Traditional Method – includes open cut or trenching to access the area of repair or installation. Typically performed with a backhoe, this is usually the most destructive method.
  • Pipe Bursting Method – a “trenchless” method, the use of a hydraulic machine to bore through the ground and pull the pipe into place means less destruction of yards, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • Pipe Relining Method – a “trenchless” method, a new pipe is created within the old pipe by adding and interior liner, then using an air bladder the hold the liner in place until it hardens.

Trenchless sewer line repair and replacement by the expert plumbing team from Mammoth plumbing is less labor intensive and a lot less expensive than digging. This way your driveway, lawn or garden are saved from destruction.

Video Camera Sewer Inspection

Inspecting sewers in the conventional method involved large scale excavations. With the introduction of video inspection of sewer pipelines, the process of locating blocks and damages in sewer lines have become a lot more easier. The fiber optic sewer inspection camera used by Mammoth plumbing can easily and effectively point out the blocks and clogs in your drains. Mammoth Plumbing follows trenchless methods to have your sewer lines repaired and replaced.


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Sewer Line Repair Replacement
Mammoth Plumbing uses the latest technology and techniques with its complete guarantee on quality to can get your sewer lines repaired and replaced in no time.

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