Home Repiping in Houston

A common issue plaguing homes in Houston is the need for whole home repiping. This is mainly due to deteriorating pipes made of galvanized steel and other low quality materials. Repiping a home is an involved process but a necessary one. Only fixing pipe leaks or replacing a few plumbing lines won’t resolve the issue long term. A degrading plumbing system will continue to fall apart and that is way it is important to replace it all at the same time.

Repiping a home isn’t easy and is a lot of difficult work. This is why only experienced trained plumbers from Mammoth Plumbing should complete repipe your home. With more than 25 years experience in the plumbing profession, Mammoth Plumbing has become one of the leaders of whole home repiping in Houston. Call us today to schedule a free in home inspection and estimate if repiping is needed.

Signs a Home Needs Repiping

Discolored or Rusty Water

Discolored or rusty water indicates that the pipe material is breaking down and now saturates the water for showers, cloths washing, dish cleaning, ice making, toilet flushing, hand washing, and drinking. This can be hazardous to anyone in the home. The pipes will soon begin leaking or collapsing. A total home water line replacement is the only way to insure completely resolve this situation. This a common occurrence in the Houston area.

Galvanized, Iron, Zinc-Coated Pipes in Home

Decades ago, iron and galvanized pipes were common materials used for the water lines within Houston homes. These materials are beginning to fail due to their quick corrosion tendencies. The older the home with galvanized, iron or zinc coated pipes, the more likely a pipe with break, leak or cause discoloration. It would be a good idea to have your home repiped if these types of pipes are in your homes walls and floors.

Can’t Run More Than One Fixture at a Time

If the temperature of the water changes drastically when another fixture is turned on, it may be an indication of pipe deterioration. The hot water supply lines are usually the first water lines to corrode due to the heat accelerating the corrosion process.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be due to the constriction pipes experience as they corrode. This slows down water flow and prevents multiple fixtures from running at the same time.

Houston Repiping Materials

There are three main materials to be used when replacing the water lines of a home. Mammoth Plumbing has experience installing each type. Our master plumbers can determine which material is best used for each home and installation:

PEX (Crosslinked Polyethylene) – Excellent Temperature and Chemical Resistance. Flexible, Less Time Consuming Installation

Copper – Most widely used water piping material for the last 25 years nationwide. Excellent Temperature Resistance, Easy Installation

CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) – Excellent Temperature and Chemical Resistance. Increased Strength, Mild Flexiblity


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Houston Whole Home Repiping
Galvanized, Iron, and Zinc-Coated pipes corrode easily, break, and discolor water. Mammoth Plumbing is a Houston whole home repiping professional with years of experience repiping entire homes.

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