Shower Pan Repair

Shower pans or shower base is a bathroom furnishing that collects the water from the shower and directs it to the drain. The expert technicians at Mammoth Plumbing will install the shower pan in a perfect manner. A properly installed shower pan gives you the required comfort and saves you from the trouble of leaks.

Shower pans can be of two types:

  1. Those constructed as a single continuous piece.
  2. Buildup of grit and residue especially in hard water.

The licensed technicians at Mammoth Plumbing are experienced at installing both type of shower pans.

Leaks in the shower pans is a cause for concern. Mammoth plumbing helps you to get ride of leaks in your expensive shower pan, with any damage to its beauty. The leak can be from the shower pan or from the shower faucet. Mammoth plumbing provides professional services in correctly identifying the leak and fixing it, helping you avoid expensive replacements.

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