Toilet Installation and Repairs

Mammoth plumbing has a wide experience in toilet installation and repair. Toilets consist of the toilet bowl and seat, toilet tank, wax ring, twenty inch supply hose with valve fitting and extending water supply and drain pipes.

Toilet leaks can occur due to following reasons:

  1. Cracks in the wax ring or the water supply connectors.
  2. Damages to the tank and pipe assembly.
  3. Fissures in the tank to bowl and the bowl to the drain connectors also cause leaks.
  4. Over tightening of the screws in the toilet bowl creating rifts in the bowl made of porcelain.

Proper installation of toilets can help you save thousands of gallons of water every year. Installing a toilet alone is fairly easy. However, Mammoth Plumbing provides the best professional service if you also need to extend the water supply line and drain pipes. Leaks in the toilet and supporting drain lines can cause serious problems to the any wood and mortar present in the floor. This can weaken the slabs and boards on the floor and allow the growth of mold and mildew.

Instead of risking the damage to your new toilet, allow Mammoth Plumbing to take care of toilet installation and repair.

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